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 I will be creating a business letter to get more work. Started looking around and noticing a lot of bare walls that needs covering of great art. 



Recieved my EIN number from the IRS.My god have pitty on me. 



Sallie Anderson from showed me my proof of a business card. It is awsome to say the least. If anyone is interested in having a custom or even just a different business card to stand out, look into and ask for Sallie. 



Talked with Matt from Ricoh Printers about their printers such as the wide format. Still undecided.



Talked with Canon for a printer. :ooking at a 44 inch but want to keep my options open.



Spoke with represetative  from about working with them. Also looked into Red River Paper for my photo paper.



Rebuilding the website. I have had this site for a couple of years and looking to make it better. I have a meeting today to push this business forward. I have been a hobby photographer for over 30 years, since I was young. I made very little money photographing  friends and coworkers as well as groups.  I need to turn this into a career.



Recieved a lot of call this week from canon, Ricoh USA, Thrive Hive, and Art Store Fronts. Also the Small Business Administraion has been very helpful in guiding me. The great price of Zero from the government.



Met with another photographer and presented information on Considering using them for an online sales outlet.



Went to the Elmira NY Holiday Inn for a presentation put on by Community Broadcasters. Very informative and learned more about marketing the business. Speaking with different agencies to assist in building, and expanding the business.  



Met with 2 great photographers. Spoke about my meeting with the SBA (Small Business Administration), VA ( Veterans Administration), and other agencies. The agencies are willing to help me in  various ways to start my business. Learning alot and creating a well rounded organization for photographers.


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